Thorin 1.9.0
The Higher ORder INtermediate representation
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Command-Line Reference

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thorin [-?|-h|--help] [-v|--version] [-l|--list-search-paths] [-c|--clang <clang>] [-p|--plugin <plugin>] [-P|--plugin-path <path>] [-V|--verbose] [-O|--optimize <level>] [--output-d <file>] [--output-dot <file>] [--output-h <file>] [--output-ll <file>] [--output-md <file>] [-o|--output-thorin <file>] [-a|--ascii] [--bootstrap] [--dot-follow-types] [--dot-all-annexes] [--dump-gid <level>] [--dump-recursive] [--aggr-lam-spec] [--scalerize-threshold <threshold>] [-b|--break <gid>] [--reeval-breakpoints] [--break-on-alpha-unequal] [--break-on-error] [--break-on-warn] [--trace-gids] [<file>]
Display usage information.
-?, -h, --help
-v, --version Display version info and exit.
-l, --list-search-paths List search paths in order and exit.
-c, --clang <clang> Path to clang executable (default: 'which clang').
-p, --plugin <plugin> Dynamically load plugin.
-P, --plugin-path <path>
Path to search for plugins.
-V, --verbose Verbose mode. Multiple -V options increase the verbosity. The maximum is 4.
-O, --optimize <level> Optimization level (default: 2).
--output-d <file> Emits dependency file containing a rule suitable for 'make' describing the dependencies of the source file (requires --output-h).
--output-dot <file> Emits the Thorin program as a graph using Graphviz' DOT language.
--output-h <file> Emits a header file to be used to interface with a plugin in C++.
--output-ll <file> Compiles the Thorin program to LLVM.
--output-md <file> Emits the input formatted as Markdown.
-o, --output-thorin <file>
Emits the Thorin program again.
-a, --ascii Use ASCII alternatives in output instead of UTF-8.
--bootstrap Puts thorin into "bootstrap mode". This means a '.plugin' directive has the same effect as an '.import' and will not load a library. In addition, no standard plugins will be loaded.
--dot-follow-types Follow type dependencies in DOT output.
--dot-all-annexes Output all annexes - even if unused - in DOT output.
--dump-gid <level> Dumps gid of inline expressions as a comment in output if <level> > 0. Use a <level> of 2 to also emit the gid of trivial defs.
--dump-recursive Dumps Thorin program with a simple recursive algorithm that is not readable again from Thorin but is less fragile and also works for broken Thorin programs.
--aggr-lam-spec Overrides LamSpec behavior to follow recursive calls.
--scalerize-threshold <threshold>
Thorin will not scalerize tuples/packs/sigmas/arrays with a number of elements greater than or equal this threshold.
-b, --break <gid> *Triggers breakpoint upon construction of node with global id <gid>. Useful when running in a debugger.
--reeval-breakpoints *Triggers breakpoint even upon unfying a node that has already been built.
*Triggers breakpoint as soon as two expressions turn out to be not alpha-equivalent.
--break-on-error *Triggers breakpoint on ELOG.
--break-on-warn *Triggers breakpoint on WLOG.
--trace-gids *Output gids during World::unify/insert.
<file> Input file.
*These are developer options only enabled, if 'THORIN_ENABLE_CHECKS' is ON.
Use "-" as <file> to output to stdout.

In addition, you can specify more search paths using the environment variable THORIN_PLUGIN_PATH. Thorin will look for plugins in this priority:

  1. The current working directory.
  2. All paths specified via -D (in the given order).
  3. All paths specified in the environment variable THORIN_PLUGIN_PATH (in the given order).
  4. path/to/thorin.exe/../../lib/thorin
  5. CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/thorin

Debugging Features